The drury is the perfect venue to host your event in style, be it a small wedding, special birthday, corporate strategy session or simply to celebrate the joy of being under one roof with friends and family.

There’s an old French word, ‘dreurie’ which translates as ‘love and friendship’ and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate word for the atmosphere you can enjoy staying at the drury with all your favourite people.


The drury is the perfect place to host a unique, memorable, and intimate wedding. The stunning views, architecture, and ambience allow you to create the most individual of occasions which you will remember for a lifetime.

Corporate Events or Celebrations

With plenty of space for breakout sessions and the opportunity to hire a chef or enjoy some of the best produce in Scotland at home or in the fabulous local restaurants, the drury makes an ideal spot to take your board or senior management team for some corporate strategy and bonding.